Zanzhuang modern furniture design concept

The design is mainly on the size of the human body and the various activities of people, posture, ability and psychological reactions such as precision testing and analysis, research, and as a basis for office furniture design, to create a scientific and comfortable really suitable for human physiology And the psychological needs of the indoor environment. An office furniture, comfortable to use, and have a direct relationship with ergonomics. Such as the height or low of the desk, will cause from the shoulder, back, waist and other parts do not meet and fatigue; mattress soft and breathable is appropriate, the human body sleep has a great impact. Office furniture company production modeling, color, touch, etc., will also give people a psychological impact.

Ergonomics is produced with the progress of industrialization. It is developed in parallel with industrial design and is widely used on the basis of the methods and achievements of labor science, industrial hygiene, anthropology, engineering psychology and so on. In industrial design and manufacturing, transportation facilities, daily necessities, living and working environment.